The Joy of Buying Less

Wednesday, May 20
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There are some things that happen when you buy less stuff and own less stuff, here are some of them.

Getting dressed takes less time.
Remember those mornings when you took 30 minutes just to pick what to wear? well those days are gone. I now take 5 minutes or less, it's so easy to pick what you want to wear when you know that all your items look good on you and when they are pieces that you love.

I worry less if I’m on trend.
Trends come and go, they can last a week or a month, but when you own less you don't need to worry about all those crazy trends. You don't need to worry about getting that latest pattern just because it's on trend.

Less shopping.
No more waiting in lines to try on clothes, and no more waiting in lines to pay for 5 pieces that you probably will only wear one. No more time wasted shopping.. more time spending with friends and loved ones.

Less things. More experiences.
When we spend less time worrying about our stuff, we can actually enjoy life around us. Even small coffee dates become better than an afternoon cleaning the house that never seems to be clean.

Less quantity. More Quality
We all like quality items, but when we want to buy a lot of things at once we tend to buy cheaper pieces just because it's to expensive to invest on so many things. But when we own less, we can spend a bit more on an item that will last us 5 or 10 years.
1 comment on "The Joy of Buying Less"
  1. Adquirir peças de qualidade e com cortes mais clássicos é sem dúvida algo que ajuda a construir um bom guarda roupa e, claro facilita a tarefa de nos vestirmos de manhã. Esta é sem dúvida uma filosofia que tenho vindo a adoptar.


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