Simple changes to create a happier home

Saturday, May 2

1.  Make the bed.
Making your bed in the morning is the best this you can do. This will create a calm setting for you to relax and enjoy your home/bedroom. It will make your room look fresh and clean.

2.  Let the light in.
Open your windows! Let the sun in and some fresh air. You home needs to refresh and receive light .

3.  Speed clean.
Clean the superficial mess. By this I mean get those clothes of the ground, organize your desk, clean your dishes, take out the trash.

4.  Add flowers.
Once a week.  They don’t have to be expensive.  But a nice vase of fresh flowers will brighten your home and actually make you feel happy.

5.  Make food, or any meal.
Cook some good smelling food. Prep your meals for the week or make a batch of cookies.

6.  Leave your shoes at the door.
Removing shoes before entering your home subtly creates a mental shift away from the outside world’s frenetic pace. As a bonus, there’s less work in the long run cleaning dirt from the floors as it gets tracked in.

7.  Add plants.
Certain species improve the air we breathe. House plants are also easy on the eyes and an affordable decorating solution. You will notice a great change in your home by just adding some nice plants.

8.  A place for everything, and everything in its place.
Just what it sounds like. Every item in your home should have a home of its own. Doing this will actually make the cleaning process mush easier. Less mess, less things to clean.

9.  Play music.
Calming music or a bit of rock & roll, you decide. Music makes people feel happy, so play something you are in the mood for and dance around!

10.  Turn off the TV.
Just try it for one night. Instead read or talk to your loved one. Write or paint. Focus on you and not on the outside world. One thing that I hate that my family does is to have the TV on during meals with the family. It's such a distraction and just makes the family dinner less attractive, less TV, more conversation, more laughter, more family time.
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