How to let go of sentimental items

Wednesday, May 27

Step 1. Use it or lose it

An object is just an object, but the memories behind that object is the really what we should focus on. We all have item that remind us of people, places, good and bad moments. If an object has a bad memories attached to it.. let it go. If you have an object that has good memories, use it! Don't leave those shot glasses from your trips on a shelf getting dusty, don't leave that necklace on a box.. wear it! 


Step 2. Honour the object

If you have an items that doesn't have a purpose beside reminding you of those memories, just take a picture of it, print it out and make a note on the back. You can also make a little memories notebook, with pictures and little stories about those items. 


Step 3. Say goodbye with dignity

Give the item to some one else, is it a teddy bear from when you were a kid? give it to you niece or your daughter, let others have good memories attached to it. Don't need to throw it away as garbage, it's still a part of you, and now a part of someone else too.

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