How I choose Orgainc beauty products

Monday, May 4

If you are planning to change your beauty products to organic products I must worn you right now that, not everything that says "Organic" on the label is actually organic. I say this because, although the product may contain a lot of organic products, it may also contain a reasonable amount of chemicals that are bad for you and for your skin. So, here is what I keep in consideration when shopping for organic e natural products:


This is the first thing I do when I see a product that I'm interested in buying. The fewer ingredients the better, and they must be natural ingredients like oils and butters. One brand I love is Balm Balm, their products contain all natural ingredients.


I like too look up the products online and read some reviews on them. Sometime what I read may influence my choice, but it's a very rare occasion.


If the product does not contain a fragrance, the better. Perfume it's a really bad chemical for the skin, so if the product does not have it is an extra point!


Hope this 3 tips help you when you go shopping for your beauty products. For me is kinda exiting going on the hunt for these products, doing my research and all. I feel like I'm doing a good job and trying yo give my skin the best I can find.
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