A birthday Wishlist

Tuesday, May 19

I love May, I love worm days of May, the changing of season, the smell of Summer just around the corner.. but I love it more because it's my Birthday! I'm always happy for my birthday, but this year I'm turning 25 ! That's a quarter of a century.. that's a lot! Ha ha. 

I love gathering all my friends and have a big and delicious meal, drink and talk, laugh and be a little naughty with our deserts. Remember old times and take lots of pictures!

This year, as most years, we are going to dinner at a restaurant in Lisbon, and maybe enjoy the night at a bar or club. I would like to spend the next day exploring Sintra with some of my close friends, but we are still making plans for that! I will tell you guys all about it after the 23rd!

3 comments on "A birthday Wishlist"
  1. Esta quase que podis ser também a minha wishlist. Adoro tudo, especialmente o colar da Omnia e a cor do verniz!

    1. O verniz e as botas são algo que não me vão escapar! He he :P
      Essa cor vai ser a minha cor de unhas este verão =)


  2. these delicate necklaces are lovely! im keen on them :) and the print on the swimsuit looks pretty cool.


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