Shopping mistakes I used to make

Friday, April 17

Mistake No. 1. The sales madness
Before I found minimalism, I used to go mad with the Sale season. I would go into every store trying to find the best cheap items I could find. I would end up with bags and bags of pieces that I didn't love, and that I would probably never wear.

Mistake No. 2. Letting others tell you what looks good on you
This is one great mistake that I used to make, I would let other people influence what I would buy. My mum, my friends, and even people that I didn't knew... but would like to impress. This led to another huge pile of clothes that I felt super uncomfortable in. But now, even when my boyfriend tells me that I would look good on that dress or jeans, I try them on just for him, but I always know in the end if want to get them or not. 

Mistake No. 3. Buying something else 
I believe that all of us have done this, going in for THAT specific white shirt and coming out with a different shirt because the one that we wanted was sold out. This was such a bad thing for me to do.. I would end up with the pieces that I almost wanted, but I would still keep that piece on my wish list. I would buy a low quality piece and I would always be on the look out for the high quality one.

Mistake No. 4. Go shopping without a list
If now I go shopping without my list I go mad. I never quite know what I'm looking for (due to my lack of memory ha ha ), I get so overwhelmed by all the clothing that I almost forget what I was looking for, so with the list I get in and get out with what I was there to buy.

Mistake No. 5. This is what everyone is getting
Getting something just because is the latest trend or because everyone around me was wearing it. I would buy this things even if they didn't look good or didn't it well on me. I would still not wear it even after buying it because I would not feel comfortable and good about myself.
2 comments on "Shopping mistakes I used to make"
  1. Haha, eu também costumava cometer o erro nº 3! Sempre que alguma peça de roupa que eu namorasse esgotava acabava por trazer algo mais ou menos do género para tentar afogar as mágoas, mas isso só piorava a coisa... porque depois olhava para essa peça e só me lembrava da outra! Boas dicas, gosto muito do teu blog :)

    Ana Luísa da Terra + Luna:

    1. Oi Ana,
      Acho que o nº3 é o que mais eu fazia. Acabava com uma molho de camisas brancas mas nenhuma era a que eu realmente queria. Ainda bem que aprendemos com os erros =)



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