How I keep track of my expenses

Wednesday, April 22

Since I started working for myself at my coffee shop I had to organize all my expensive, I mean, I need to write down all the things that I buy, everything. I do this for my businesses and also for my day to day life. This way I always keep track of all of my expenses. 

I don't use any fancy app or program, I just use Excel and rearrange everything so it looks more "presentable". I like using Excel because it's easy to work with and you can personalise it to your need and taste.

Here is how I organize it:
1. I create categories - this is a easier way for you to keep track of what things are you spending most money on, I like to divide mine in Shopping, Going Out & Dinners and Others. 

2. Always write what the expense is - an order from Asos, or a lunch with a friend. Just write it down.

3. Work with even numbers - a dress that cost 12,99€, round it up to 13€. It's easier for the calculations.

I do give myself budgets, but I don't always follow them because I know how to control my shopping, and when I get my own place I will probably have to stick to those budgets, but for now I just enjoy what I can, and I always save a great amount of money each month.
2 comments on "How I keep track of my expenses"
  1. I just use an app because I can type it in right away. I forget things until I am home.

    1. Yes! I don't have an app, but I do write it down on my phone so I don't forget =)



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