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Wednesday, April 29
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As a human being, we all have our needs. Our need to breath, to eat, to keep worm, to love and be loved, to laugh, to enjoy the sun, to be respected and respect others, to enjoy life. If this needs are not fulfilled, we will be unhappy, unwell and even sick. This are the things that we need... but then, there are the things that we want. We want those sparkly shoes for that office party so that we can stand out, we want that latest car so that people can see that we can afford it... but do this things that we want really make us happy? Or we just pretend that they do?


Let's look at an example. A pair of Spring shoes, that you have owned for 2 years and you are thinking of getting a new pair for this Spring:

NECESSITY = those shoes are not at their best, they are old and I no longer like them / feel good in them. I need a new pair so that I can walk comfortably and that make me happy.

DESIRE = I need new shoes, how about those shoes that I saw at the store yesterday?, they are really not really my style.. but everyone is wearing them and people would probably accept me if I worn them.

Do you see the difference? You don't need too sub-come to what other would think of you and how that would make you feel, the approval of others should no matter to make you happy, and those shoes that will probably make your feet hurt, will not make you a happier person or a more loved and respected human being. You are putting your happiness on an object that you don't even love nor brings joy to your life.


You can still attend to your necessities and desires at the same time, there is no harm on buying a coat that you need and still give into your desire to get that fabulous coat that you have been drooling about. If you want to fulfil your desire to get that coat, you also need to keep in mind, that this coat is going to be like part of your family, don't replace it for the next coat you desire, when his life has ended, then you can replace it for a new one. It's all about the harmony of the two, Desire & Necessity.
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  1. but do this things that we want really make us happy? Or we just pretend that they do?

    É apenas uma felicidade temporária. Porque o ser humano é um ser que precisa de estimulações constantes, estimulações essas que vamos conseguindo com coisas que nos fazem bem. As compras, uma dela :)


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