The List of Organic Beauty products

Wednesday, March 18
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One of the things I want to change in my life this year is my choice of beauty products. I want to stop using product with chemicals and that are tested on animals, I want more organic and natural products. The main reasons for this are that, first, I do believe that all the chemical in the products are bad for us, second, being a minimalist I started to focus on things that I didn't before, and third, my skin is super sensitive and I don believe that organic products would help my skin and my health.

I have found two very good websites that helped me on my search of organic products, the first is FeelUnique that has a section on healthy living, the other is LoveLula that is an online store for everything organic. I have already made a wishlist at FeelUnique, let me share it with you.

I intend to get this items as soon as I finish the ones that I'm currently using, I do need an exfoliator as soon as possible, as well as a face cream and a makeup remover. I can't wait to make my first purchase!

3 comments on "The List of Organic Beauty products"
  1. Também tens a REN, que é uma marca mesmo muito boa e também é livre de químicos. ;)

    1. Tambem já tinha conhecimento, mas é um pouco cara. =/
      Queria começar por coisas nao muito caras, para experimentar.
      Mas Obrigado =)


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