Shopping for Organics

Monday, March 23

On my searches for Organic Beauty products I have encountered a few websites that I have been using to find my new organic products. I have found 4 great websites to shop, they all offer great products and most of them with free shipping. When choosing the products to purchase I always take a good look at the ingredients list, for me a good organic product must be between 90% and 100% organic and plant based, so this few online shops are great to compare products.

LilyLolo // it's a UK brand that has amazing makeup that has and amazing products for very good prices. Also the packaging is beautiful. 

Love Lula // this great online shop has everything from makeup to hair products, all natural and organic.

Content // another great website filled with amazing organic products. And if you are in London, you can always stop by for a visit and some shopping.

FeelUnique // this online store has everything beauty related, organic and not. But the Health Living section is amazing and it's my favourite online store to shop. I have already made my first order! UPDATE: You may have to pay Taxes on this site! They refund mine but I can't promise they will refund others.

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  1. I'me always on the hunt for organic beauty products. Thankfully I have a natural health store that carries a lot of brands by my home. Great post!


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