The 2015 Wishlist

Monday, February 16

Normally I make a monthly wish list, but this year I think that a wish list for the entire year is more appropriated. It doesn't mean that I wound add things or take some of the list. Also, since I don't have that many shopping cravings anymore, this a much better way for me to have an idea of things that I want and need.

  New Glasses   
  Black Blouse with lace details  
  Light Colour Jeans   
Computer cable or New Computer
Small Black Bag 
Black Halter neck top
Metallic top/blouse
  Gym pants  
Coated pants
Strappy Top
Draped t-shirt
Tote Bag
Lace Up ballerina flats
6 comments on "The 2015 Wishlist"
  1. Eu adoro listas, estou conhecendo seu blog agora e estou gostando bastante do que leio! <3

    1. Obrigado querida ^^
      Fico contente em saber que estas a gostar do meu cantinho.


  2. Replies
    1. Pois é :D
      E mesmo assim as vezes retiro coisas e meto outras :P


  3. I noticed that this list is always changing. I like that.
    We are always changing out mind about stuff, that's what this type of lists are good for. For us to evaluate what we really want and need.

    xo, Emma.

    1. Yes I do change it from time to time.
      My style evolves and I stop liking an item to like another, so I update the list =)



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