My Top 9 pieces in a minimalist wardrobe

Thursday, February 26

When building a minimalist wardrobe there are a few key pieces that we must include in our wardrobe planning. These are just the pieces that, in my opinion, should be in a minimalist wardrobe. Every person has their own ideals and likes, so this all depends of your personal taste.

ASOS RISKED IT Suede Chelsea BootZara Short Sarong JumpsuitZara Oversized Sweater

Ankle Boots // I live in this baby's. They look great with pretty much anything, from jeans to skirts and dresses. I own a pair in taupe but I'm on the hunt for a black pair.

Black Dress/Jumpsuit // a basic in any closet is a black dress.. but since I don't like dresses I got my hands on a jumpsuit that looks almost like a dress, so it's a 2 in 1 deal!

Grey Knit // it does not have to be grey, but it must be a good knit, that you love and could wear it all Winter.

The winter Jacket IssueZara Loose Fit Printed ShirtZara Draped Top

Good quality Winter Coat // not a cheap one that will make you have to buy one every Winter. A classic style that fit's you great and keeps you worm on the cold days.

Blouse // white, black or with a pattern. Anything can work, this blouse will be your go to piece for any formal event (interview, dinner) or any more relaxed event. The options are endless.

Dressy top // another great piece that can be worn no lots of occasions, put a blazer on top and you have a work outfit. Combine it with a skirt and you have a dinner/night outfit.

Zara Cargo PantsMANGO Satin edge blazerZara Trf Shopper Bag

Dark jeans // I prefer dark blue or black. They go with everything and can be worn in a relaxed way or you can also dress them up. Don't like black or blue? Just go for the normal dark jean.

Structured blazer // A must to make your outfits more professional. I prefer black, but white is a great option.

A nice bag // the style is up to you, just make sure that the colour can go with all you outfits and that you feel comfortable walking around with it.

2 comments on "My Top 9 pieces in a minimalist wardrobe"
  1. Concordo totalmente com suas escolhas! Estou montando um wardrobe bem planejado, fiz um inventário das roupas que tenho e uma lista das coisas que preciso comprar. De sua lista, já posso riscar a bolsa, a calça, o blazer e o "dressy top". Como aqui no Brasil e especialmente onde moro é muito calor, não preciso ter peças de frio, e algumas vezes até bota fica meio over, então investi em sandálias. Mas estamos na mesma página quanto às escolhas!

    1. Cada um decide a sua propria lista, obvio que se ai no Brasil esta sempre calor, nao vale a pena comprar um casaco de Inverno e botas =)
      Sandálias sao um investimento muito melhor.



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