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Sunday, February 15
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This blog has been in my life for about 4 years now, and yesterday I decided to give it a good declutter. I deleted some old posts that had no comments and some that I didn't related to anymore. It made me feel so good about the blog, it made me realise what kind of things I wanted to be posted on my blog for everyone to see.

I feel so much better after cleaning my blog of all the "junk" posts I had in it. It feels now like I always wanted it too feel, like an extension of myself. Hope you guys don't mind me deleting some posts, but I really needed to do it.
2 comments on "My Blog Declutter"
  1. Não cheguei a ver muitos dos seus posts antigos, mas todos os que eu vi, eu gostei bastante. No entanto, se era necessário e se fez você sentir-se bem, que bom! <3

    1. Obrigado!
      Foi uma coisa que realmente me ajudou a ver aquilo que realmente queria transmitir.
      Sinto-me bem melhor agora =)



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