Minimalist Decor // The Bean Bag

Wednesday, February 18
When people hear about bean bags I believe that they think they are only for kids and college students, but I don't think that way. I think they are very versatile and comfortable and minimalist. They are great as extra seats for visits and kids also love them. So I will give you some reasons to love them as much as I do.

Reason 1 | They are comfortable
Once I sat on a bean bag and I honestly believe that I would star there forever. It was so comfortable, like a cloud, ha ha.

Reason 2 | They come in so many shapes and sizes
You can buy a little one just to sit on or put you feet's up, or a big one too lay down on, the choices are endless.

Reason 3 | They can be very inexpensive if you know where too look
Some bean bags can be expensive, but at the same time they look so amazing. If you don't want to spend a lot of many in one, there are very cheap options out there, and they still look great, specially if you buy them in Black, Grey, White or Cream. This colours always look great.

Reason 4 | They look great in a minimalist home
Don't want to buy an expensive couch? Buy some bean bags instead. This is one idea I had for a long time. They provide the same comfort, if not more, and they are cheaper and easier to Carry.

Reason 5 | The Design
Bean bags are now an object of high design, just look at this one from Alexander Wang !

2 comments on "Minimalist Decor // The Bean Bag"
  1. the "knitted" ones look really lovely!

  2. I've been eyeing a bean bag from Habitat for over a year now but somehow I never actually bought it just because I don't it will have much use, other than becoming a footrest stool. Either way, it looks absolutely stunning in those empty spaces around the house.



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