How I tamed my Shopping Habits

Friday, February 20

Going from not being able to leave the store without buying something to not even wanting or needing to get into a store in the first place was not an easy job to do. A few years ago I used to go in to stores and I had to buy something, anything, otherwise I would feel sad and depressed. Now, after I discovered minimalism, I can walk in to a store, look at the clothes and not feel guilty for not taking anything home with me.

I'm now going to share with you guys some of the things that made me tame that urge that made me always want to buy something in every store I went to.

+ Know your wants vs. your needs
You may want another black dress.. but you don't need it, you already have 3. Before stepping into a store you need to figure out what you are there to buy. If none of those 3 black dresses fit you well or you don't love them, than maybe buying a new one that you love and will wear.

+ Make a list 
For me, having a list is a must. I like to go online and look for the items that I need to buy. Then I pin them in Polyvore and make my shopping vision board list. I write down the stores and prices and references of the items that I'm looking for. I stick to my list, I go in and out of the store so fast that I even have to wait for my boyfriend, ha ha.

+ Have a budget
Since I do my lists online I can easily know how much an item will cost me. But at the beginning of every month I set a budget for my shopping. Sometime I don't even use it, but when I need to buy something I know that I have a limit to spend. What I also do sometimes I use a bit of the budget of next month if I do really need to spend it, and so in the next month my budget will be smaller.

+ Keep track of your expenses

I always write down what I buy on a Excel Document. Makeup, Clothes, Beauty products, Medicines.. everything. This way I will know where my money was spent and If I need to cut down some of my spending.

+ Don't avoid the sales
Sales can help you. A lot! If you have a list, and if you keep to your list, then the sales may be your best friend. If the dress you love goes on sale, why not buy it on sale and save some money for other items on your list? Just don't get distracted with other stuff. Think.. if this was full price, would I buy it ? If the answer is No, put it back!
4 comments on "How I tamed my Shopping Habits"
  1. I always make a list before heading out the shops. Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to making wishlists!

    I feel so overwhelmed whilst shopping in stores that my approach is looking for the items I had previously seen online..


    1. I prefer Polyvore to make lists, but I use Pinterest to get inspiration =)
      I also always look for the things that I have seen online. That way I stick to my list.


  2. This sounds good! We always tend to go overboard when shopping. Even if I know what I need and I make a list, I always end up buying stuff I don't need.
    I guess that's why we're girls, after all..
    Great tips though! I wish I could actually follow them!

    Check out my first outfit post

    1. Yes, girls will be girls.
      I still love to shop, and I think I enjoy it even more now. We just need a little control, that's it. I don't believe there would be a reason for us to buy 10 white shirts if we only wear 2.
      And it's OK to go of the list, if the piece we are buying is something we need or would make us feel happy.



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