A true love story

Monday, February 9

It's the month of love, the month of kisses and hugs and cuddling. I decided to share my love story today, it's not a love story from a movie or a book, it's just a simple, everyday life, love story. But it's mine and I cherish it with all my heart.

It all begins on November 2013. This was the month I started working at my coffee shop. And as usual, there was a boy.. He came every day with his Grandparents to have breakfast and take his brothers too school. He would say "Hi" to me and I would say "Hi" back, pretty boring so far right?

So, for those who know me .. I'm a very shy person, specially around a boy I like. And I liked this boy! But I was strong and went against my shyness and found him on facebook and added him as a friend. It was not a big step, but it was enough to start making conversation. And we did, we talked for a few days online, and then we started to talk more and more in person.

After a while he asked me to go out with him, noting fancy, we just grabbed something to eat and walked beside the river, talking and making joked, telling stories from our lives. He did most of the talking because I don't speak that much when I don't know the person.. and I'm shy. But from that first date I knew that I felt more comfortable with him then any other guy I had a crush on.

A few week after that date we went to the cinema to watch Gravity. I was so nervous, I was watching the movie but all I could think about was when he was going to kiss me. We hold hands during the entire film, and at the end he kissed me (finally). Not a fairytale kiss, but after that first kiss I knew that my heart got it right, after so many rejections, I finally got my prince.

And this is the story, we started dating from that moment on and we have been together for 14 months now. The best 14 months of my life!
Now go ahead, and share your love story. Spread the love ^^
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  1. simples, mas a tua história consegue ser fofinha na mesma :) gostei muito de a ler!


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