Taking care of the nails

Monday, January 26

Step One //  Clip and shape
I don't like having very long nails, they don't need to be super short, but the shorter the better. After I clip them I soften the edges with a nail file.

Step Two // Soft Fingers
After I cut my nails, I like to apply some hand cream to leave my fingers soft and moisturised.

Step Three //  Buffing time
I like to buff my nails so that my nail polish will stick better to my nails. I don't always do this when I paint my nails, but once in a while I do it just to make my manicure last more.

Step Four // Before and After the Nail polish
I use a 2 in one treatment on my nails, this is to keep my nails strong and make my nail polish last longer.

Step Five // Nail polish Time
After buffing, I add my nail polish. I like wearing darker colours in the Winter. This year I have been in love with wearing dark greys and blues, and sometimes my favourite dark colour, Rouge Noir from Chanel.

So this are all the steps I take to make my nails. I use this method all year around, but in the Winter I like to do it more often just because the cold makes our hand look more "unhealthy", so I like to take really good care of them in the cold months. 

About the colour: I like to wear mostly soft colours on my nails, but sometimes in the winter months I can't avoid wearing a darker shade. I have been loving this three colours from Julep

Nail polish
Winona // Daria // Ilsa 

Julep has a great guide to "Winterize" your nails, just click HERE to check it out! It's a very helpful mini guide.

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