On Gift wrapping

Friday, December 26

Last year I decided to try a new method for gift wrapping, so I went with personalized recycled wrapping paper. The gifts looked so adorable and all different from each other, and it was so much fun.

This year was very different, I had no time for anything this year, I was glad that I could find time for buying gifts at all. I was so busy. So this year I went with that pretty paper in the picture that I got in Primark for 1,50€.  It had the colours that I love for this time of the year, white and grey.

But next year, if I have more time, I will definitely use this video as an inspiration for my gift wrapping.
2 comments on "On Gift wrapping"
  1. I like the japanese way. They wrap things in a scarf or tablecloth - now that is zero waste!

    1. That's Great.
      I think next year I'm going to try that.
      Thanks for the suggestion =)



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