What is a normal sized wardrobe?

Wednesday, November 19
image source: The Every Girl

After I posted my 60 pieces wardrobe post a lot of people told me that they couldn't live with only 60 pieces of clothing (that included pyjamas, workout wear, beach wear and underwear). The first thing I told them was that 60 was just a number that worked for me, it me change in the future if my live changes in a way where I need more clothes.. or less.

Each person has a "magic number", a number with which that person feel comfortable and that is adequate to their life style your number can be 100 or 40, it all depends on what you include inside that "box" of 40 or 100 pieces.

As everyone knows, we normally only wear 30% of what we have in our closet, wouldn't it be much better if we could wear 100% of it? I mean why do we feel the need to keep that dress in case we are going to the Oscars? we know that it probably wont happen.. so why is it filling our closets and our minds? It's just there to remind us of the "what if" moment, and tormenting us because we can never wear it, because we have no place that would be appropriate.

I used to have a lot of "what if" pieces, and since I got rid of them I realized that I never needed them, and if some day I do, I can always go shopping.. and what girl doesn't like shopping? 

So yes, my closet may have 60 pieces, yours may have 100, as long as you feel comfortable with it, that's all that matters.
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