My 60 Pieces Wardrobe

Friday, November 7

I started this Journey in 2011.. tree years have pass, and I finally find myself ended this amazing journey. A Journey where I found who I really am, what I really like and what I don't, what looks good and what doesn't, it has been a great journey, but I'm glad it's over. Below is a list of all the items I own, 60 items to be exact! I think that only having 60 items is a great accomplishment. 60 items worth of: tops, bottoms, jackets, shoes, workout wear, undergarments and beach wear. I'm so proud of all my work, and I can finally say that I own a small and versatile wardrobe that lasts me for an entire year!

So here is the list, click HERE to go to my polyvore and see all the items.

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Clothing (Outerwear)
1. Winter Coat
2. Black blazer
3. Black jacket
4. White blazer
5. Cardigan

Clothing (Basics)
1. Grey T-shirt
2. Striped t-shirt
3. Blueish Grey T-shirt
4. Grey t-shirt in two materials
5. 2 basic tops (to wear under clothes)

Clothing (Tops)
1. White sleeveless flowy top
2. Cream ruffled top
3. Pattern Top
4. Black tank top
5. Dark Blue top
6. B&W Jumpsuit
7. Black Jumpsuit/Dress 

Clothing (Blouses)
1. White blouse
2. Striped button down
3. Black Blouse
4. Dark blue blouse 
5. Lace Blouse
Clothing (Winter Tops)
1. White Sweater
2. Pattern sweater
3. Grey Sweater
4. Black asymmetrical jumper

Clothing (Work Wear)
1. Black T-shirt
2. Jeans
3. Sneakers

Clothing (Gym Clothes)
1. Gym pants
2. Gym Leggings
3. 2 gym tops
4. Gym sneakers
5. 2 gym bras
6. Gym Bag

1. Black Jeans
2. Light colour Jeans
3. Black Ruffed skirt
4. Black shorts
5. Pattern Jeans

Beach wear
1. Bikini
2. Towel
3. Flip Flops
4. Dress

1. 10 underpants
2. 10 pairs socks
3. 4 bras
4. 4 pyjamas (2summer/2winter)

1. Mango Ankle boots
2. Chelsea boots
3. Brown Sandals
4. Leopard ballerinas
5. Black Ballerinas
6. Flat sandals

Accessories & Jewelry 
1. Small black bag 
2. Small Pink Bag
3. Black everyday bag
4. Sunglasses
5. Jewellery folder
6. Pattern scarf
7. Small travel bag
8. Travel Bag + Cubes


9 comments on "My 60 Pieces Wardrobe"
  1. Wow girl, you really took minimalism to heart! And you included underwear, workout wear and beach wear in your 60 pieces! That's just amazing. I like your one in one out rule, seems to work really well for you.
    I definitely don't think I could do a 60 items/12 months wardrobe. I guess it's also a weather thing because I'd never be able to wear thin jackets in winter - I have to have a big warm coat, but you don't want to wear that same coat for 2 or 3 months, so you have to have at least a couple of winter coats...and so on and so forth. I think in a years time it will be interesting for me to examine how many separate pieces I actually wore and perhaps I'll be closer to 60 than I think ;)
    You said this journey took you three years, a long time! Has your style been pretty consistent over that time? Because I'm finding my style is changing from year to year.
    xo Kat

    1. Hi Kat,
      That rule is one of the most important rules I have when it comes to my Wardrobe.
      Here where I live I the cold weather lasts probably for 3 months, and I don't mind wearing the same coat all Winter. i also have other coat that is a bit less warm that I wear when the weather starts to warm up, and the blazer I mostly use them in the Spring or Autumn.

      I have only 4 winter knits because I still like to wear blouses in the Winter, I just layer them with cardigans.

      At first I didn't set a number of items, I just started with basics and then added a few other pieces.. and the number just appeared, you could definitely make a 100 piece wardrobe that included everything =)


  2. Love your blog. I saw this J.Crew article on finding your uniform the other day, I think it kind of applies here!

    1. It was a great article! I may share it on my blog.
      I'm glad you enjoy my blog =)
      Keep on passing by.


    2. It's so cool that you did! =) And I definitely will.

  3. Wow nice outfit!
    Jeans - Try to visit they have nice shoes, handbags, dresses and accessories too!

    1. Thanks, but since I'm pretty happy with my wardrobe now, I'm trying not to buy things anytime soon =)


  4. What does "work items not included" mean?

    1. Please see my updated Capsule here:

      I forgot to remove that frase, I had a section with 4 pieces that were my work items, but I didn't count them because I only worn them at work (they were a work uniform) and now I don't own them anymore, so I removed them form the list.
      Sorry for the confusion!



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