My Winter Key Pieces

Sunday, November 2
It feels like the Winter days will never come, I'm just so sick and tired of this irregular weather.. it's almost Christmas and people are still going to the beach. I just wish the Winter would come. But I guess I can still prepare myself for those days that may never come, so here is my Winter key pieces:
Simple Jewelry // and layers if possible. I just adore this look.
Big scarfs // I love wearing big scarfs, it keeps my neck worm and I can still use it to cover my body if it gets really cold outside.
Winter coat // a nice winter coat is always a must, I have already bought mine this year and I love it !
Pattern Sweater // I love this black and white patter sweater, it just fives the look an edgy vibe.
Sweater with texture // no more plain sweater, how about some fun textures instead?
Perfect bag // not just for the Winter, this bag is my favourite day bag of all time.
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