A Minimalist Gift Guide

Saturday, November 8

Giving gifts to a person that doesn't really seem to want anything can be a bit tricky.. but I'm here to tell you guys that it's not. And these ideas can also be applied to people that are not into minimalism, these are not some strange looking items that only a minimalist would appreciate and know what to do with them, no, these are items that can be find anywhere and be given to anyone. So let's see what you have here:

// A frame with a picture of a special moment - this is something very personal and very thoughtful. You can give this to a friend, loved one or a family member.

// Gift cards - know where the person shops the most, it can be beauty, music or even food.

// Consumables a.k.a home made cookies, sweets, wine, jam - does your friend like sweets a lot, or likes to try new spices or foods? how about some awesome cookies made by you with a cute tea mug and some tea leaves?

// Candles - everyone likes candles, they make your house smell great and it's great ambiance light.. and after that they can be use and then be disposed of.

// Plants and Flowers - I do prefer flowers but they have a really short life.. how about some cool cactus?

// Beauty items -hand creams, soaps, scrubs.. all these items are used pretty fast and they still make  a great gift for someone.
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