A Christmas Wishlist

Friday, November 14
It may be a bit too soon to be making a Christmas Wish list, but since I'm going shopping on Saturday and I'm thinking of buying some of the Christmas gifts I decided to make a wish list. I do believe that this year is the year that I wish for less things. I mostly receive money anyway, but I always end up buying a hole lot of junk. So this year I will just focus on the list and save the rest of the money for a trip or something.

//  Nude Slip Ons - when I saw this baby's I knew I needed to have them. I own a pair of sneaker, but I only use them to run and go to the gym. I need something comfortable to wear on my day to day.

// Cozy Scarf - since the cold has finally arrived is time for me to buy a good comfy scarf, and this one from Zara is my top one choice.

// Marble decor - I actually fell in love with this because of pictures I saw on blogs, and I admit that I'm going to buy it for the purpose of taking pictures, but also because I really like it and I can use it in the future on my kitchen

// Essie Nail polish - The good about owning a small nail polish collection is that I can get replace every colour that I bought on some cheap store for a better quality one, and I will attempt to get all my favourite colours from Essie.

// Butter London Gift Set - when I saw this gift set I knew that I needed it, first because I love Butter London, and second because I really need good quality bases for my nails, so it's a 2 in 1 deal.
2 comments on "A Christmas Wishlist"
  1. Adorei tudo!!! O mármore realmente está na moda e fica muito bonito em fotografias. Quando vi as primeiras peças deles no site (a loja nem sequer existia) fiquei com vontade de comprar mas o print do mármore deles não é tão bonito ao vivo :(


    1. Ao vivo ainda nao tive oportunidade de ver, vou la amanha e se gostar trago para casa, se não fica na loja :P



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