Black & White Weekend

Wednesday, September 24

Some ideas for what to pack for a weekend away. Since I'm such a lover of black, I decided to make it the main colour, I think it works really well with some touches of light pink to give it a more girly vibe. I also made this collage with items that I already own, this way I can just look at this image and get the clothes out of my closet and pack them.

I'm so obsessed with my capsule wardrobe, I fell like I can do anything and I will always have the perfect thing to wear! It's so easy now to decide what to put on in the morning, no more over thinking things.. will this look good with that piece or will this be appropriate for today, I now know exactly what to wear without heaving a headache for trying to put an outfit together.

2 comments on "Black & White Weekend"
  1. Estou de olho nessa camisa, nos ténis e no balm da Clinique.

    1. Aconselho vivamente os 3.
      O balm da Clinique é bastante bom, quero experimentar agora um da Kiko que é bem mais barato, a ver se tambem é bom.
      A camisa é da Zara, ai como eu amo a Zara :P



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