Review // Sephora Gold Atomizer

Thursday, August 14

I'm one of those persons that forgets to put on perfume before leaving the house, and I forget quite a lot, so I had to find a way to carry some perfume in my bag without having to carry the perfume bottle with me. So I went to Sephora and found this little beauty. 

It has its pros and its cons. The pros // it's cheap, small, gold (ha ha) and I can put a good amount of perfume inside. The cons // only one actually.. I can't manage to fill it up without spilling perfume.. but maybe that's just my clumsiness. Overall, it's a great way to carry some of my favourite perfume around.

2 comments on "Review // Sephora Gold Atomizer"
  1. Que bonito! Quanto custou, se não for indiscrição?

    1. Foi à volta de 10€/12€.
      Não tenho bem a certeza porque já o comprei à algum tempo =)



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