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Tuesday, August 19
I decided to get back on track, and make my timeless capsule wardrobe. I set a budget for how much I wanted to spend on my wardrobe and I made a list of the items that I liked and that I knew would look good on me and fit my body. I didn't aloud myself to get influenced by trends or colours of the moment, I knew what colours I liked and looked good on me.. that created my colour palette.

Even if you have a budget, that does not mean you can't go out of it, if you believe that a piece will be worth the money and it will be an essential on your wardrobe than you can spend a little more money, like on a winter coat or a pair of shoes.

s t e p   o n e |
Declutter you closet, and after that, see what you need to buy and make a list (basics, replacements, key pieces)

s t e p   t w o |
  • Before shopping, set a limit number of pieces, like one winter jacket, two pair of jeans, two skirts.
  • Know what colours look better on you and what colours you love most and create a colour palette for yourself.
  • Use the sales as a friend, not your enemy.

s t e p   t h r e e |
  • Create budget. Divide that budget into 2 categories, one for basics and another for staple pieces and pricier items (like a winter coat)
  • Don't spend your budget all at once, manly because that would be too much money to spend on one shopping trip, and also because it's important to find items that will fit your body perfectly and not to buy something just because it's on the list.

s t e p   f o u r |
  • Divide your budget to categories : Basics and Staple pieces
  • This is how I divided my budget // 150€ for basics - basic tees, flats, blazer, dark jeans, scarfs, cardigan, black skirt, white button down. And 300€ for the staples - winter coat, printed jeans, pattern blouse, ankle boots, staple sweater, nice bag, jewelry.
  • Invest on some pieces, you will want them to be with you for a long long time.

Remember, create a budget that will work for you. My budget of 450€ may seem a bit too much, but when I think of all the clothes I have bought in the 2012.. I believe that it would be an amount bigger than that. Now, only do this if you intend to keep you capsule wardrobe and not change it every year or every six months, it's a supposed to last a lifetime. 
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  1. Prefiro sempre apostar nos básicos e nos eternos clássicos, não costumo seguir muito as tendências por isso gostei muito das tuas dicas :)


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