Recent Purchases // Key Pieces in my Wardrobe

Wednesday, June 4
Since I restarted my minimalistic journey I have realized exactly what my personal style is, and what items look good on me and those that I truly love and like to wear. So, since it was my birthday last month, I decided to use to money my family gave me to invest on a better quality wardrobe. So this are the pieces I got since the beginning of the year.
  • White Top from Primark - Perfect for the hot Summer day, It's a flowy fabric so is very fresh
  • Skirt from Zara - My old black skirt is just too short from me, so this is a perfect alternative
  • Grey T-shirt from Zara - Perfect for a relaxing day
  • Black sweater from Zara - This is great for winter and those cold nights, the fabric is so soft that I could wear it all the time
  • Black blazer from H&M - I need a new black blazer, the other one got damaged
  • Pattern top from Zara - great top for a more dressy outfit, but also for wearing during the day
  • Cream top from Zara - another great dress up top
  • Striped t-shirt from Zara - another basic, casual is always good to mix and match

I bought some basic pieces, like a grey t-shirt, a black blazer, a dark grey skirt and a striped t-shirt. After that I added some fut items that can be mixed and matched with every single piece in my closet. I'm very pleased with my purchases, and I now can stop thinking about shopping because my wardrobe is complete. Nothing is missing, it's perfect for my lifestyle and I completely love it.

I'm also selling some of my old items, so if you want to check them out just go to my Facebook Album.
3 comments on "Recent Purchases // Key Pieces in my Wardrobe"
  1. Boas comprinhas, básicas como eu gosto! :)
    Este mês (próxima semana!) também é o meu aniversário mas como já cheguei àquela idade em que toda a gente diz "ah e tal tu ja ganhas" e deixamos de receber aquela moedinha, faço uma listinha daquilo que gosto e que funciona como sugestão de presentes. Afinal de contas nós sabemos que os recebemos, e quem é que não gosta de presentes!? ;) Já agora se quiseres espreitar a listinha, está aqui:


    S. // The Citified

  2. Wow pretty! Try to visit they have nice dresses and accessories too!


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