Naked Palette Urban Decay

Monday, June 9

I don't like to think about buying and Urban Decay Palette as if I gave into some trend, because in fact I'm not even a makeup guru or do I own a huge amount of makeup, quite the opposite. I decided to purchase the Urban Decay Basics palette for two simple reasons, 1) I used up all my old colours and 2) because this small palette has the basics that I need and use in a daily basis. 

Since I wear almost no makeup, I thought that this palette would be a good investment. It's great for traveling and to carry with me anywhere I need to go. It's small and compact, and the colours are perfect for me.


1 comment on "Naked Palette Urban Decay"
  1. Eu tenho a Naked 2 e gosto imenso dela, estou a pensar em comprar também a Naked 3 porque também sou fã de tons rosados, mas sempre fiquei de olho na Basics, deve ser perfeita para viajar e tem boas cores para o dia-a-dia. Fizeste bem em comprar essa se usas pouca maquilhagem :)


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