What to give to a Minimalist

Wednesday, May 21
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My birthday is right around the corner and it got me thinking about gifts and the art of giving.. and the special art of giving a gift to a Minimalist. I guess that in this case I have always been a minimalist. I never liked gifts, I always preferred money, and after some research I found out that I also would like to receive some of the things that other Minimalists like to receive.

For those who wonder, no.. minimalist are not against gifts, it's quite the opposite. They like them a lot.. but it's the kind of gift that makes all the difference. And yes.. minimalists don't like to receive "junk". So here is a list of things that "we" Minimalist like to be receive.

  • Wine & Drinks of the same kind 
  • Chocolate 
  • Flowers & Plants 
  • Homemade goods (cookies, cake, jam) 
  • A box with our favourite sweets
  • A home cooked meal (made by you) 
  • A meal at a restaurant 
  • Candles (if they burn them a lot)
  • Bath items & body/hand lotions (also if they use them a lot)

Experience Gifts
  • Tickets to a play, a movie, event or a concert or art gallery 
  • Tickets or passes to go ice skating, swimming, rock climbing 
  • A Massage or Spa treatment 
  • How about a little on your house on the beach? If you own one we would love to spend some time there 
  • Boat rides, Skydiving, Hot air Balloon

Digital Gifts
  • Digital Subscription to our favourite magazine 
  • Digital books 
  • Kindle 

Gift Cards 
  • iTunes Gift Cards 
  • Bookstore gift card 
  • Amazon Gift card 
  • Starbucks Gift card 
  • A gift card to our favourite store 

This are the kind of things that I enjoy to receive. I also love Jewelry, but it has to be very simple and in gold, necklaces, rings, bracelet, I love them all, and it's such a delicate gift to give someone. But you know, the better is to ask the person what they would like to receive, if they have something in mind, offer that, if nor.. just keep this list close by.

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