How Minimalism changed my Blog and my Life

Wednesday, May 14
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When I started this blog, the purpose was to make a personal style blog, with inspirational things and likes, maybe some outfits and hauls. It has been all that, mixed with personal experiences and little adventures. But since I discover minimalism I guess it has changed it a bit.. maybe it's not noticeable for many of you, but it is for me. I find myself still talking about fashion, but in a different way. I talk a lot about minimizing and declutering -- and I love talking about that, I continue to add my experiences and travels -- something that I Love doing. But now, I feel like my blog is more about my journey to a simpler life, a life with less stress and less possessions, I now fell the need to share more experiences and less clothing hauls, more information on minimalism and less outfit posts, and when I talk about Fashion, I like to talk about it in a simple way or share anything related to minimalist style.

So, how has Minimalism changed my blog? Well let's see shall we..
  • I blog much less.. and I don't feel guilty about it
  • I do more posts on Minimalism and less on Fashion
  • I blog more about my Experiences
  • I share my attempt on a minimalistic lifestyle
  • I do less Haul posts.. because I shop less
  • I don't talk about latest trends and things like that.. because I'm no longer interested 

Minimalism had an even bigger affect on my life...
  • I think less about fashion and unnecessary possessions
  • I don't care about trends anymore
  • I keep my blogging to a minimum and the post are short and effective (like I always liked them to be)
  • I shop much less
  • When I shop, I buy more quality items
  • I like to keep track of my possessions
  • I enjoy decluttering once in a while
  • I got rid of so much junk
  • I unsubscribe to a lot of unnecessary newsletters
  • I have more time for my friends and to enjoy life
  • I feel proud to say that one day I will be able to fit my live into 2 suitcases
2 comments on "How Minimalism changed my Blog and my Life"
  1. With this post I would like to thank you for your blog. I discovered it few weeks ago, I've read all posts and I found so many useful informations about decluttering, minimalism and simpler life. I just start my journey to simpler life, it's hard especially that I'm creative person and I always think that something could be useful piece to create something new, but so far I'm trying to get rid of all my junk I posses and I'm doing great, I must say (I'm now on get-rid-of-5-things-every-day-for-30-days challenge). Your blog is so an inspiration for me. Thank you:) Martyna

    1. Hi Aloneme,
      thanks for your comment. I'm very happy to know that my blog and my minimalist posts have helped you. And since you are starting your Simpler Lifestyle you can ask any questions you may have.
      That challenge seems awesome, it would be a good thing for me to do, but since my time is very limited I prefer to take a few ours on Sundays and get rid of a bunch of stuff .

      Keep on with the good work =)



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