Winter Basic Essentials

Wednesday, September 4

Everyday that passes I fell even more in love with Zara. Believe me, if I could I would buy the entire store! I'm starting to plan my Winter closet and I realised that I needed a few basics, and Zara has the better basic of all, so this year my plan is to acquire a few basic pieces.

  • Basic V-neck sweater - I'm thinking of buying 3 of them, a black one (that is always an essential), a soft pink one and a cream one.
  • Basic cardigan - I'm still debating on the colour.. I'm between black and cream
  • Winter hat - the hat is not from Zara, but I love it and I want to see if I can find a similar one
  • Shopper bag - another item that I have fallen in love with!
3 comments on "Winter Basic Essentials"
  1. hello thanks for the comment :)
    First of all, I loved your winter list, most of the items I have on mine too. I found a similar hat on zara but I don't like the thing around it but I am thinking about buying it anyway and change that later.
    I am selling my suff on Olx. I contacted you on facebook, cuz I really loved that pull and bear jumper but I don't know if you sold it yet...

  2. Junta-te ao clube, eu passo pela Zara e já nem entro, caso contrário vou de vez à falência eheh

    With love, Bárbara

    1. Exactamente!
      Muitas vezes ate evito la entrar para nao ficar com a conta a zeros.



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