My mother's ring

Saturday, September 7

Yesterday I was going through my mom's Jewelry box and I came across this gorgeous ring. I fell in love with it instantly, it kinda reminds me of Kate Middleton's engagement ring.. but in a much smaller version and in gold. It has a dark blue center stone and a few diamonds all around that stone, I think it looks amazing. 

I asked my mom if I could wear it and she gave it to me. I was so happy! This is now my new personal ring, I will wear it everyday and I would glue it to my finger if I could, ha ha. 

5 comments on "My mother's ring"
  1. É verdadeiramente bonito, e o facto de ter sido da tua mãe e agora passar para ti só o torna mais especial :)

    1. Pois é.
      Isso ainda o torna mais valioso para mim =)
      Vou usa-lo para sempre!


  2. Lindo :) Agora podes passar de geração em geração...

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