A Quick Guide to Mykonos

Tuesday, June 25

This was the first time I went to Greece, and I would go back there right now! I loved everything about Mykonos, the sun, the beaches, the people, the food. Everything was dreamy and I just wanted to stay there forever. I went with a group of my University friends, and we had so much fun!

we stayed at some nice little houses right in the middle of town, very small spaces, but very well equipped. We had some cleaning ladies that would change the bed sheets and towels, but apart from that, we did everything our own. The house has situated in the center of everything: restaurants, clubs, shops, beaches.. we walked everywhere we needed.

for most of the time we went grocery shopping and made our own food at home, but on ou last they we went to dinner at a lovely restaurant, we tried a some local foods and we drank some nice wines. It was delicious! There are a lot on nice restaurants all around, as well as bars and clubs.

you must explore the island in a moto4 or a car. They have a lot of them to rent in the island, or you can ride the bus that goes to all the major beaches. Spend some time in Little Venice and do a little shopping, they have the most beautiful pieces to buy and bring home as a souvenir. 

 Familia restaurant
Opa Taverna
First beach day!
Look at that transparent water!

Almost there. We went to a lot of hidden beaches, it was so must fun to explore the island 
In love with this beach!
Sunbathing time !
A very nice bar/hotel with a pool and a great view of the ocean
Beach bars with drinks, food, music and lots of fun!
The old port of Mykonos
Me by the old port of Mykonos
The view from this little coffee shop in Little Venice
Little Venice
2 comments on "A Quick Guide to Mykonos"
  1. As fotos estão maravilhosas Sophie, adorei conhecer Mykonos através da tua lente.
    Sempre associei Grécia ao azul do mar e ao branco da areia e as tuas fotos provam isso até pelo aspecto das casas.
    Grécia é, realmente, um paraíso e como já disse antes é um dos meus destinos de sonho, fico contente que tenhas aproveito esta oportunidade para conhecer um lindo país.


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