Packing for Greece and Milan

Wednesday, May 22
I forgot to make this post before I went on vacation, but since my computer is broken and I'm unable to make the post with all the pictures from my vacations I decided to make this instead. It's pretty much just like the one that I made for Paris. So I went to Mykonos for a week and I also spent 1 day in Milan (without counting the days I spent on the plains). I was only able to take one carry on with me because I travelled with Easyjet, but I think that one normal size carry on is more that enough, specially when travelling with hot weather.

So here is the list of all the item I took with me on this vacation:

A pair of Jeans
Soft pink baggy pants
Black shorts
Blue Shorts
Blue dress
Pink Dress
Pink tank top
Blue sleeveless blouse
White button down blouse
Beach Cover up Blouse
Pink sleeveless button down
White t-shirt
2 basic tank tops
Black Cardigan

Flip flops
Black sandals
Brown Zara Sandals

Beach Towel
Beach Bag
A few bracelets

8 panties
2 bras
3 socks
1 bikini

Shampoo 100ml
Conditioner 100ml
Body cream 100ml
Sunscreen 100ml
Foundation 30ml
Face cream 30ml
Deodorant 30ml
Tooth paste 30ml
Lip balm 4,8g
Lipstick 5g
Nail polish 8ml
Mini perfumes 1,5ml
Mascara 5ml
1st aid kit
Makeup bag

Camera charger
2 memory cards
Cellphone charger

Book to read

Reading glasses
Playing Cards

If you look at the list you can see that in the Toiletries section I mention the quantities on every item I took with me, I did this because I was only allowed to take a transparent plastic bag with a zip lock, that could only hold 1litre of liquids and had to be a maximum of 20 x 20 cm, and each item inside could only contain 100ml. I found this experience really educational. At the end of my vacation I realized that I actually don't need as much things as I thought I needed. And from now on I'm only traveling with a carry on.
5 comments on "Packing for Greece and Milan"
  1. Really insightful post! Will certainly help when I'm packing for tunisia

    Love Emma

  2. Também gostei muito do fato de banho :)

  3. Do you have the links for these items? =) I love the dress and the swimsuit.

  4. Hello :)
    No I don't have the links. The dress is from H&M and I don't think they have it anymore. The swimsuit is from JCrew, I don't know if they still have it for sale.



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