The 2012 Accomplishments

Wednesday, January 2

Another year gone buy, it went buy to quickly, but I may say that it has been one of the best years so far, I still hope that 2013 will be a kick ass year, but this one was pretty awesome. And at the end of the year it's time to look back and remember all the good and bad that happen.

Life Accomplishments
  • University - I finally graduated. After 4 long years I'm ready to start another stage of my life
  • Friends - I'm happy to say that the friends that I made at university have staid in my life, what sometimes that doesn't happen, we see each other every time we can and talk every day. It's great knowing that the friendships that I made in the past few year may last forever

Travel Accomplishments
  • Paris - I didn't though that I would go to Paris anytime soon, but my mom surprised us early this year and took as there, it was amazing and unforgettable
  • Spring Break - since 2011 that I have been going to Albufeira in Algarve with my university friends, but this year was definitely the best one, in 2011 we were still discovering the place, but this year was the real thing, you can check out the pictures here: One & Two
  • Trips with my dad - This year was definitely the year that me and my dad did some fun things, we went horseback riding, and the weekends at me Grandmothers house were the most relaxing days

Personal Accomplishments
  • The minimalistic journey - this year was a year of discovery, a year of ups and downs and a year of realisation. I think that I'm finally on a good track and I just hope that 2013 makes this journey as amazing as I want it to be
  • Decluttering - another journey that I start this year and that I hope to continue in the new year
  • My Jewelry shop - after many years of saying that I wanted to create an online boutique with my mom to sell handmade things, this was the year that made it happen. Everything is still very new, but I hope that 2013 will be nice to me and help me and my mom with this project
  • Bought my first Chanel product - I was really exited about this. I had my eye on the Chanel Rouge Noir nailpolish for ages now and finally this year I bought it.
2 comments on "The 2012 Accomplishments"
  1. Thank you! I will do my best to make it the best as it can be :) but I have a good feeling about it to - I'm so excited!

    Sounds like you've had an amazing year! Happy new year, and I'm sure 2013 will be great too.

    xoxo Victoria


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