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Thursday, August 23
The hard job of creating the perfect wardrobe is starting to give his fruits. As the seasons go by I find myself concentrating more on finding perfect and durable pieces of clothing other then running to the shops to buy the most recent trend pieces. I must confess that sometimes I go down with the ship, and find myself buying something that has made a huge impact on the recent season, but hey, I'm only human. 

I must say that this journey has been very rewarding, and I wish to continue with is for a very long time until I find perfection in my closet, and as many people say, "Perfection takes time" and I'm glad that I have taken the time to create an wardrobe that I'm proud of and that I can call a perfect wardrobe.

I'm also glad of what I have accomplished in the past few months with my list. I have bought a few items that I'm very proud of and that I know that I will own them for a very long time. The list has suffer a few alterations along the way and many items have been crossed out, and I'm really proud of that. Also you can check out some of the things that I bought along the way and my thoughts on them here. And now I leave you with the current list:

Blue soft Blazer
Grey Blazer 
Black ¾ sleeve Blazer
Black going out jacket 
Green Velvet Blazer
Tweed Blazer

Dark blue Blazer 
Cream Blazer
Cream Trench Coat
White Winter Coat
Blue Winter Coat
Red Winter Coat
Brown leather jacket
Black leather jacket

Button Downs

Blue fitted b.down
Blue oversized b.down 
White fitted b.down 
Red checkered b.down
Blue checkered b.down
White Polka dot b.down
Orange button down

Snake Skin pattern blouse
Green polka doted blouse 
White w/orange birds blouse 
Pink with ruffle flowers top 
Cream w/black line blouse 
Burgundy top 
Black Petter pan colar shirt 
Flower print top

Long sleeve tops 
Dark Blue/White striped top 
White/Blue striped shirt 
Grey/white striped shirt 
White/black Striped Shirt 
White/Red striped shirt

Classy Cardigan
Simple blue cardigan 
Simple hot pink cardigan
Simple burgundy cardigan
Simple grey cardigan 

Basics Tops
Dark Blue


White t-shirt
Black t-shirt
Dark Blue t-shirt
Grey t-shirt
Dark Blue/White striped shirt 

Dark Blue knit
Cream knit

Dark Green knit
Burgundy knit
White/Blue striped knit
Dark gray knit


Dark Blue Summer Dress
Little Black Dress

Calvin Klein black Lace bra
Oysho red lace bra
Oysho black lace bra
Dark blue bra
Black push-up bra

Pants, Skirts & Shorts
Dark blue skinny jeans
Dark grey skinny jeans
Black skinny jeans
Khaki tapered trousers
Black tapered trousers 
Black shorts 
Black pencil skirt 
Burgundy pants

Black and Gold Watch
Rose Gold watch
Burgundy scarf 
Brown belt
Black/Gold belt

Grey Scarf

Celine black bag (look a like)
Black bag
Burgundy bag
Brown Messenger Bag
Vintage Chanel Bag 
Blue Longchamp 'Le Pliage‘

Black Oxfords
Acne pistol boots (look a like) 
Black ballerinas
Taupe Dicker boots 
Knee high boots 
Basic black shoes with heel
Black Ankle boots
Black Loafers 

( The list above has all the items that I own, plus the ones that I want to buy and those that I need to get rid of and replace )

3 comments on "Wardrobe Updates"
  1. Invejo-te muito neste caso, porque estás mesmo a fazer algo muito inteligente e que imensa gente (tal como eu) deveria fazer. É fácil deixarmo-nos levar pelas tendências, mas a verdade é que elas não passam disso mesmo: tendências. E depois acabamos com peças no armário que só tem utilidade durant algum tempo. Criar um guarda roupa perfeito e intemporal, é difícil e leva o seu tempo. Acho que estás no bom caminho. Adoro sempre o teu estilo e a simplicidade e sofisticação que ao mesmo é inerente :)

  2. Sophie, podias publicar as peças que já tens de cada categoria, gostava imenso de ver :P

    1. Sim irei fazer isso. Estou a pensar fazer um post do meu guarda roupa e as peças que mais uso (ou seja as que se encontram nesta lista e mais algumas).
      Estará para breve sim =)



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