Adieu Lisbonne, Bonjour Paris

Wednesday, June 20

So I have some amazing news! I'm going to Paris for a week with my mom and my sister. On the 9th of July I will be boarding an airplane at 6 a.m. with Paris as my destination. This trip was not at all planned in advance - like my London trip that I have been planing for years - I'm going to Paris because my sister wants to go to Disneyland so my mom promised to take her this year and so we are going. Although I also really want to go to Disneyland, I'm especially exited with Paris! 

3 comments on "Adieu Lisbonne, Bonjour Paris"
  1. I've been in Paris 10 years ago and I've also visited Disneyland, it is amazing, you will love it, for sure!!

  2. oh, i envy you so much! :) have a great time, enjoy it and dont forget to make a lot of photos ;)

  3. Que sortuda! É umas das cidades onde mais quero ir e espero ir até Junho do próximo ano! :D *


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