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Tuesday, August 30

Step 1. Check the weather and the cultural expectations
– this is the most obvious one, before you go travel you need to know how the weather is going to be there. If it's hot weather the clothes you pack will be lighter, but if its cold you have to pack more heavy and voluminous things, like jackets, wool scarfs, sock, boots, etc. Also is good to check the culture of the place your are going to, some countries cultures don't allow certain parts of the body to be uncovered, or to use certain pieces of clothes, so pai attention to that so you don't feel like the unfortunate centre of attention or get in trouble because of that. And when in doubt, always take a few conservative pieces just in case and check out what the women are wearing when you arrive.

Step 2. Gather Your Basics - Always take the basics, (jeans, white t-shirt, black pants, etc.), they are a must so you can mix and match all your outfits so you don't have to take a lot of clothes with you. I personally like to take striped shirts and button down's, just because I love to wear them and I thing it goes with everything. i like more subtle colours so that is also a plus because it makes it easy to mix and match them. Also take a more dressy outfit, because you may need it for some event, it's always good to have an outfit like that.

Step 3. Add key colour items – choose a colour palette for some key pieces. Just to give a pop of colour the your outfit, because sometimes when choosing clothes that you can mix and match together we tend to choose some dull colours, so this few colored items will give your outfits what they need. I like nude colours a lot because it's a colour that goes really well with all my basic pieces.

Step 4. Rationalise your shoes - choose shoes that are comfortable. This is one of the most import things, because if you intend to move around a lot you don't want to do it in a high hell. And by comfortable shoes I don't mean sneakers. Chelsea boots, ballerinas and loafers are good options.

Step 5. Complete with Accessories - nothing better than good accessories to complete your outfit. I personally like to wear watches a lot, and I think of bags as an accessory as well. For jewelry I like to keep it simple, I don't like extravagant jewelry, so pear earrings, a pretty pendant and I'm good to go.

Other tips?
Outfits - make your outfits at home, know what you are going to wear each day so that you don't need to take more clothes that the ones you will need.

Cosmetics - Take only the essential, you don't need to take all your makeup or all your creams. Choose only the essentials, like a good moisturiser and don't forget the sunscreen (if needed). Buy miniature containers for you shampoo and body creams, it will be easier to carry.

post inspired by A pair and a Spare
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