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Saturday, August 6
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I have to admit that I never thought I would be doing this... again. I always loved blogs and I once created a little internet diary if I may call it, but I eventually grew out of it and deleted it. But after watching last night the movie "Midnight in Paris" I suddenly had this urge to write again, to write about mu thought, about Paris, about fashion, about books and people. I just felt like I wanted to share it with other people and maybe inspire some one and rediscover a old love of mine..

One of the main reasons I created this blog was to share my thoughts about fashion and my personal style. If you asked me a few months ago how I would describe my style I would say, "I don't know if I have one", but now after watching too many french movies and reading to many blogs about the chic and classic Parisian style I can say that my style is a Parisian based style mixed with a minimalism way of seeing things and a hint of my own likes that add some "flavor" to my style. I'm not saying with this statement that I'm a true Parisian or a true Minimalist (I'm way far of being a minimalist but I'm trying to make it happen). But my style is influenced by it, and since I started dressing with this influences in mind, I have never felt so happy and at ease with myself and my style.

In other notes, I have been thinking about how much money I have spent in the last months and I have to say that was a lot and that I'm not really happy with it. So I decided to start a 2 months resolution. I decided to start a plan for the next 2 months (but if I can I will keep it for longer). I realised that I need to start saving more money and paying more attention in what I spent my money. Since my last shopping spreed I realised that I have enough clothes that will provide me with a large number of outfits that I can still mix up with accessories, so in that mater I can say that I have enough clothes for now , so no more spending money on clothes. So here it is a mini list (that is still not finished) of my 2 month resolutions:

  • Make a list of things that I really want to purchase (including clothes and skin products);
  • Not shopping for clothes unless it's an item from my wardrobe list or an item that will make a huge difference in my wardrobe;
  • Save money for the expensive items in that same list;
  • Instead of spending money on clothes use that money to take care of my skin (maybe do a facial).
2 comments on "Oh! Hello there world"
  1. "I just felt like I wanted to share it with other people and maybe inspire some one and most certain be inspired by someone"

    Podes riscar a parte do 'inspire someone', porque já está feito! Estive a ler o teu blog e não tenhas dúvidas de que me inspiraste! Adorei, mesmo! Parabéns :)

  2. Que interessante, tenho as mesmas resoluções, mas me sinto bem longe de chegar lá. Porém, as coisas acontecem aos poucos. Um dia, quem sabe!


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