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Vegan on Budget for 2

Friday, August 26
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A few months ago I made the decision of going Vegan. I never thought going Vegan was that difficult or it was too expensive, but I decided to make this post anyway to help others that wan't to go Vegan but have a strict budget to follow. I created a list that will feed me and my boyfriend for one week for under 30€. Veggies, fruit and pasta/rice are the most inexpensive produce on the planet, so it's very easy to get all you need for your meals for a nice price.

Bellow you will find the shopping list from Continente, a list of dishes you can make with those ingredients (and probably more) and a week menu so that you can see how I separate my daily meals. The recipes and meals are made in our own taste, of course you can always change a few things or make your own list. Meal planning all the way! 

Hope this post can help a few of you that are on a Vegan journey.

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+ Basmati Rice 500g                                                          0.78€
+ Whole wheat Spaghetti 500g                                         0.98€
+ Oven Patatoes 1kg                                                          2.99€
+ Wraps x8                                                                         1.99€
+ IKEA veggie balls 1kg                                                     4.99€

+ Bananas 1kg                                                                    1.09€
+ Cantaloupe Melon                                                           1.99€
+ Strawberries 500g                                                           1.99€
+ Onion 1kg                                                                       0.85€
+ Baby Leaf Spinach 75g                                                    0.99€
+ Cucumber 1kg                                                                 1.49€
+ Pre made Lentils 3x200g                                                2.93€
+ Tomatoes 2kg                                                                  2.38€
+ Chopped Mushrooms 2x355g                                         1.26€

+ Tomato Polp 1kg                                                             0.79€
+ Almond Milk 1L                                                               2.29€
+ Oatmeal 400g                                                                 0.69€

TOTAL                                                                                  29.25€
+ Oatmeal, Milk & Fruit
+ Green Smoothie with Spinach & Banana
+ Oatmeal Pancakes
+ Only Fruit

+ Basmati Rice & Veggie balls
+ Spaghetti Bolognese with Lentils & mushrooms
+ Veggie wraps
+ Basmati rice & lentils with Salad
+ Spaghetti & Veggie balls
+ Oven potatoes & Veggie Balls

+ Fruis
+ Pancakes

Preview Image
DAY 1 // Green Smoothie + Oven potatoes & Veggie Balls + Basmati Rice & Veggie balls TIP // make the veggie balls for lunch and dinner all at one, this way you will save some electricity from the oven

DAY 2 // Oatmeal pancakes + Veggie wraps + Spaghetti Bolognese with Lentils & mushrooms TIP // Make enough bolognese for 4 servings

DAY 3 // Oatmeal, Milk & Fruit + Veggie wraps + Spaghetti Bolognese with Lentils & mushrooms

DAY 4 // Green Smoothie + Oven potatoes & Veggie Balls + Basmati Rice & Veggie balls TIP // again, make veggie balls for both meals

DAY 5 // Only Fruit + Veggie wraps + Basmati rice & lentils with Salad

DAY 6 // + Only Fruit + Basmati rice & lentils with Salad + Spaghetti & Veggie balls

DAY 7 // Oatmeal, Milk & Fruit Spaghetti Bolognese with Lentils & mushrooms + Basmati rice & lentils with Salad

My Organic Summer Essentials

Monday, August 22

I love Summer beauty, and I also know how important it is! In the Summer I try to keep my skin as healthy as I can, and as safe as I can. In the Summer, I like to resort to these few products to keep my sun looking healthy and beautiful.

+ Tanning Sunscreen Lotion //  I always must have a sunscreen with me to keep my skin safe from the harsh sun rays, but still be able to have a nice tan. That's why I prefer a sunscreen that is also a tanning lotion. My recommendation? the Korres Sun Care Walnut & Coconut with SPF 20

+ Lip Balm with SPF // To keep hand in hand with my sunscreen is a good lipbalm, also with SPF in it. The lips are part of our face and they will also be damaged by the sun if we don't protect them. My recommendation? the Korres Decorative Care Mandarin Lip Balm with SPF 15

+ Rich Face Cream // This is a everyday must, but in the Summer our skin tends to be more dry and in need of more hydration, so I like to opt for a rich and hydrating day cream. And since I have some problem areas on my face due to acne, I like to choose one that can also help with that problem. My recommendation? the Make Me BIO Beautiful Face cream for Imperfections

+ Argan Oil // A must for me in the Summer is definitely Argan Oil, I live by it when my skin is dry and in need of a boost. So I love using an Argan oil soap and also an Argan Oil oil to keep my skin smooth and hydrated. My recommendation? the Oli-Oly Argan Oil and Soap.

+ Shaving Oil // We girls need to keep our shaving in check, I like to shave my legs, but I always felt that water wasn't doing the trick in helping to do a smooth shaving, so I got a shaving oil and I haven't looked back since! My recommendation? the Saloos Shaving Shower Oil

+ Body Lotion // After a day at the beach and warm shower our skin needs a instant hydrating boost! So I never, ever, forget to apply my lotion so that I can keep my skin smooth, hydrated and pretty. My recommendation? the Korres Lily Bouquet body lotion 

+ The red Nailpolish // I'm LOVE to have my nails painted red. I don'y know why, but in the Summer if I don't have red on my nails it ain't Summer, ha ha. I like to wear the most natural formula I can find, and I have fallen in love with the Korres nailpolishes. My recommendation? the Korres nailpolish in Tempting Coral

You can go and try out some of my faves at or ! You can also go check out their Organic selection, they have a lot of amazing products for Summer!

The 1 year shopping fast recap

Saturday, August 13

[EN] If you guys have been following my Shopping Fast journey, this will be no news for you. I decided to create a list from all the things I bought and got rid of during the months I have been on this journey. This way I can really visualize what happen through the entire year and analyze my journey. My experience started August 2015, here is the one year list:


+ A new pair of black jeans to replace my old pair.
+ Decor pieces for my bedroom
+ Items/furniture for my Coffee Shop expansion

+ A gift for a friends birthday
+ A gift for my Boyfriend
+ 3 new tops to replace old ones
+ A travel kit from Caudalie

+ A Winter sweater for my boyfriend
+ A tote bag
+ A pair of black coated jeans
+ An asymmetrical top

+ A makeup bag
+ Christmas presents for my family
+ A new phone

+ 2 Pyjama pants
+ A leather Jacket
+ A backpack
+ A pair of sneakers
+ A grey turtle neck
+ A black t-shirt

+ Long lasting lip-stain from Kiko
+ Home decorations from IKEA

+ Zara two toned top
+ Black biker jeans
+ Textured sweater
+ Dark green jeans
+ Gold Bar earrings

+ Zara Asymmetric Tunic
+ Zara Contrast Layered top
+ ZaraHome bathroom set

+ Deliciously Ella book
+ One piece swimsuit
+ Black jogging's

+ The last three months of this experiment I didn't buy anything...

+ A grey t-shirt
+ A pair of leopard flats
+ Old pyjamas
+ I converted one of my t-shirts so a lounge wear.

+ A dark blue blouse
+ A pink top
+ A pair of shorts (haven't worn them for almost a year)

+ A pair of gym leggings
+ A pair of cream pants
+ My black ballerinas
+ A black strap top
+ Some items I found on my junk box
+ A few pairs of socks and underwear

+ An old makeup bag
+ Old dressing gown

+ A mid season coat
+ Old backpack
+ Grey sweater
+ Old pair of sneakers 

+ A pair of pants that got ruined with bleach
+ Some pieces that I declutered when I moved
+ Socks with no pairs
+ Some old beauty products

+ A white top that was damaged
+ Tops that I used to wear under blouses
+ Old pair of Sandals
+ Black Asymmetrical shirt that shrunk in the wash

+ White Sweater
+ Black & White sweater
+ Some old jewelry

+ My old bikini

+ ... and I also didn't get rid of anything

some of my purchases

[PT] Se já seguem o meu blog a algum tempo, já sabem que tenho estado num Ano Sem Compras. Decidi criar um apanhado geral de todas as coisas que comprei e que me livrei nestes ultimo ano. Acho que é uma boa maneira de visualizar como correu o ano e analisar a minha viagem.


+ Um par de jeans pretas para trocar por umas velhas
+ Peças de decoração para o quarto
+ Peças/mobília para expansão do meu cafe

+ Um presente de aniversario para um amigo
+ Um presente para o namorado
+ 3 tops para substituir velhos
+ Um kit viajem da Caudalié

+ Uma camisola para o namorado
+ Uma mala de dia
+ Um par de calças efeito cabedal
+ Um top assimétrico

+ Bolsa de maquilhagem
+ Presentes de natal para a família
+ Telemóvel novo

+ 2 calças de pijama
+ Um casaco de cabedal
+ Uma mochila
+ Um par de ténis
+ Camisola de gola alta cinzenta
+ T-shirt preta

+ Um batom da KIKO
+ Decorações para a casa do IKEA

+ Top Zara em preto e branco
+ Jeans pretas
+ Camisola com textura
+ Jeans verde escuras
+ Brincos dourados em barra

+ Túnica Assimétrica da Zara
+ Top Zara com contrastes
+ Conjunto de WC da ZaraHome

+ Livro Deliciosa Ella
+ Fato de banho
+ Calças pretas largas

+ Nos últimos três meses desta minha experiência não comprei nada...

+ Uma t-shirt cinzenta
+ Sabrinas de leopardo
+ Pajamas velhos
+ Converti uma das minhas t-shirts para pijama

+ Uma blusa azul escura
+ Um top rosa
+ Um par de calções (não os usei uma única vez no ano anterior

+ Umas leggings 
+ Umas calças cremes
+ Sabrinas pretas
+ Um top de alças
+ Algumas coisas que encontrei pela casa
+ Uma peças de roupa interior

+ Uma bolsa de maquilhagem velha
+ Camisa de noite

+ Um casaco de meia estação
+ Mochila velha
+ Blusa cinzenta
+ Uma par de ténis velhos

+ Um par de calças estragadas com lixívia 
+ Items que encontrei durante a mudança
+ Meias sem pares
+ Produtos de beleza fora de validade

+ Top branco estragado com marcas
+ Top que usava por baixo de camisas
+ Par de sandálias velhas
+ T-shirt assimétrica que encolheu na lavagem

+ Camisola branca
+ Camisola branca e preta
+ Bijutaria velha

+ Bikini antigo

+ ... e também não me livrei de nada.

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